Basic Standards of Integrity

Registration in Sonship School of the Firstborn-Europe (SSOTF-E) requires standards
are adherence to the School's standards of integrity.  These standards are intuitively
understood and cannot in an case be listed exhaustively.

However, the following examples represent some basic types of unacceptable behavior:
  • Cheating: using unauthorized notes, aids, or information when taking an
    examination; submitting work done by someone else as your own; copying or
    paraphrasing someone else's projects, or other work, and submitting it as your
  • Plagiarism: submitting someone else' work and claiming it as your own or
    neglecting to give appropriate documentation when using any kind of reference
  • Fabrication: lying, falsifying or inventing any information, data, or citation.
Code of Conduct

SSOTF-E is a biblically based discipleship program aiming to equip men and women to
fulfill God's will for their lives.  While SSOTF-E reaches many people from all over the
world from difference ethnic groups, all students are expected to conduct their lives in a
manner consistent with biblical teachings about right living and moral conduct.  
of such principles are found in Romans 12:9-21; Galatians 5:22-26; Ephesians 4:25-32).
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